• Janice Hurley is Dentistry’s Image Expert on personal presence and professional success.

    Attendees to her courses have described her as profoundly articulate, gracefully charismatic and powerfully entertaining. She has been honored for more than ten years as one of the top speakers in dentistry by Dentistry Today.

    A noted authority on treatment presentation and effective in office systems, Janice consults and coaches "hands on" and through articles published in Dental Economics, Dentistry Today, The Progressive Dentist, and others. Even dental hygiene schools use her written protocol standards for both image and effective communication.

    After earning her degree in Organizational Behavior from The University of San Francisco, Janice has invested more than 25 years’ experience as a dental consultant, helping her clients gain higher treatment acceptance and attract better quality patients. As an international author and speaker on what it takes to project professional excellence and confidence so others feel it instantly, her goal is for everyone to use their professional energy for personal success.

    Janice’s energy is contagious and audiences inevitably leave raving fans and ready to reenergize their lives, and their practices. Janice has been a featured speaker with the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meetings, Yankee Dental Congress, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists, American Association of Endodontists, Philips Sonicare, Academy of Dental CPA’s , Henry Schein, and many, many more.