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Janice Hurley has released her new book - Dental Image Branding.Janice unlocks all the secrets to creating optimal impact in your practice and for your patients. Janice knows that successful people are not successful by accident. They have learned how to use their strengths to their advantage and minimize their weaknesses. You really can make a positive effective impact on your patients from start to finish by looking at your practice through the eyes of your consumer. The advice offered in Dental Image Branding is for the dentist, hygienist, office manager, and dental assistants. It takes a village to create an image and a consistent practice brand.

Janice Hurley will show you how to avoid the biggest mistakes that drive away patients and how to optimize patient impact using the five senses: what patients see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.


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Janice Hurley at Convergent Dental: Solea User Group Meeting April 2019 - Scottsdale, AZ


Looking for a speaker who is profoundly articulate, gracefully charismatic, and powerfully entertaining? Look no more!

Janice Hurley, Dentistry’s Image Expert consults dentists and their teams in implementing the practices necessary to achieve success with each other and their patients.

Her workshops and keynote programs have reached thousands with the understanding of how important their personal presence is to their success.

Life Though Different Lenses By: Janice Hurley


  • Janice was featured in The Progressive Dentist magazine - December 2017

    Life through Different LENSES

    PHOTOS AND EDITORIAL by janice hurley

    A well dressed, happy team makes an excellent impression.

    We make judgements very quickly about the value of what we purchase or the experience we are about to have. So do your patients. Understanding how your patients or prospective patients think is a good business practice and something you can’t afford to ignore. A good restaurant can’t ignore the plating of its fine food. Likewise, you can’t afford to ignore how your patients see or perceive the value of your dentistry based on the way you frame it or serve it up. Our perception truly is our reality.

    Within less than a tenth of a second, your patients have decided how approachable, trustworthy and competent you are. Furthermore, their brains go on to justify your follow up actions to be in line with their first impression. Fascinating — our brains don’t like to be wrong. First impressions of your facility, your team and your treatment have a resounding effect on case acceptance. Yep–that worn out couch might be cramping your style AND affecting collections...


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Is Your Brand Consistent?


Janice Hurley "brings it all" - and then some! Her dynamic message is filled with dozens of real life client challenges and powerful systems that compel her audiences to action. Janice's programs offer a tremendous opportunity to rejuvenate your practice by helping your whole team harness their personal power.

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Hinman Dental Meeting - March 2017


Enthusiastic attendee at the 2017 Hinman Meeting for the course Viva La Video


The use of video on your website, during treatment presentations and on social media is a must. Keep up with the way your patients want to receive information. Learn to impact others through technology that is effective but inexpensive. Your patients make decisions from their emotions and not always the facts, so let’s use that. The conventional use of text helps with SEO, but the informed thoughtful use of video will evoke emotion and get results. Learn how your iPad and your video camera can play a key role in practice success. Don’t be left behind.